Kate O.

We have been going happily to “Footbik” for a year and a half now and our child really likes the place. The training is carried out in fun and very friendly environment. Classes here are held in the form of interesting games. Children love this place.

Irine C.

This is our second year of attending “Footbik”. Our son became more organized and concentrated while attending the practice. “Footbik” is perfect for active kids. Bring your kids to “Footbik”, its fun and interesting!!

Tali E.

I am so happy that there is a soccer club like “Footbik”. The girls at reception are very polite. The atmosphere there is always warm, making you feel at home. The children go for training with a lot of pleasure. I thank “Footbik” for making our child more mature, independent, confident and for teaching him how to play smart soccer.

Victoria I.

At the start, we brought just our younger son for more of a ‘‘development’’ course instead of soccer, but we were so impressed with the programs and approach that we decided to sign up our older son too. The boys are overjoyed and I have noticed remarkable progress and the desire to excel. For my boys, “Footbik’’ is not just about soccer but more of fun, communication, competition, team friendship and irreplaceable coaches. I am grateful to them for finding such a delicate approach in the handling of each child. The boys always run to practices with so much joy.

Inna D.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to “Footbik” Soccer Club for the part they are playing in raising and developing my child. We have been part of this club since November 2016 and we are very delighted. They have skilled coaches who pay a lot of attention to the children and are interested in their high-quality and perfect development. The team is usually well coordinated and there is always the spirit of competition which is a very good aspect of soccer. Such aspects provide a good influence for the perfect raising of my son. Thank You!

Eugene A.

I want to highlight the amazing design of the waiting room (fan zone), reception and locker rooms. Plus the large and light fields for practices. The head coach is a real professional in both soccer and psychology and he is loved and very much respected by the children. “Footbik” coaches are like second parents.

Emma L.

We had a free training session here and we loved it. The coach has very good communication skills and is able to capture the attention of any child. The drills carried out here were quick and funny. My daughter loved it so we will definitely be back.

Helene B.

“Footbik” has very interesting training programs, good music, attentive coaches and very friendly staff. Everything there is neat, bright and comfortable. My son loves it so much.

Viktoria A.

I attend the Footbik.Baby program with my daughter. Both of us are very happy. Our coach is very friendly, open-minded and pays distinct attention towards the children. Practices are going on smoothly and my baby is learning how to communicate with other children, coaches, and other moms. Big thank you to the “Footbik” team!

Julia S.

We already consider “Footbik” to be our family club! Our older son has been attending “Footbik” for over a year now and is currently going through two programs (TechnoSoccer and SmartPro). We also just enrolled our younger son who has already started training on a very captivating and exciting program Footbik.Baby!

I love all aspects of this club. The front desk guys are very friendly and nice and the playing area is very bright and filled with lots of equipment. The children enjoy playing there before and after practices. I am incredibly delighted with the attitude and approach used to train the children. This is a very serious program with interesting homework and most importantly, the coaches are great, attentive, polite, active and professional. Thanks to our recommendations, our relatives and friends have enrolled their children to train with the club. I’d love for my son to stay at this club for as long as possible.

Tamara T.

I thank the Super Club “Footbik” and it’s coaches for the funny and active training programs which also grooms our child intellectually. Our child goes for training with so much pleasure. Thank You!

Cindy K.

We are very pleased with the programs. We have attended for a month and a half and already see results which make us proud. The child has learned to be well balanced and focused. When he gets home, he shows us the things that he learned during the practices. Great place!

Daniel L.

“Footbik” is a great place for young children. Not everyone is capable of making things interesting for small children. Physical exercises are necessary for proper body development. “Footbik” copes perfectly with this task, blending it with the learning of foreign words, colors and many other activities. My son waits for every training session with so much eagerness. When a child is happy, the parents are happy as well. Thank you very much for your professionalism.

Claire D.

We are very happy with the programs of the club. We have tried several types of activities, gone to different places, but this is the first and only place where my son really enjoys going to. We appreciate the coaches a lot because my kid loves the whole training process. He started making up his room at home just after three practices, AMAZING! Every time my son comes back from practice, he is filled with happiness, joy and positive emotions. We are very satisfied!

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