Kate O.

We have been going happily to “Footbik” for a year and a half now and our child really likes the place. The training is carried out in fun and very friendly environment. Classes here are held in the form of interesting games. Children love this place.

Irine C.

This is our second year of attending “Footbik”. Our son became more organized and concentrated while attending the practice. “Footbik” is perfect for active kids. Bring your kids to “Footbik”, its fun and interesting!!

Tali E.

I am so happy that there is a soccer club like “Footbik”. The girls at reception are very polite. The atmosphere there is always warm, making you feel at home. The children go for training with a lot of pleasure. I thank “Footbik” for making our child more mature, independent, confident and for teaching him how to play smart soccer.

Victoria I.

At the start, we brought just our younger son for more of a ‘‘development’’ course instead of soccer, but we were so impressed with the programs and approach that we decided to sign up our older son too. The boys are overjoyed and I have noticed remarkable progress and the desire to excel. For my boys, “Footbik’’ is not just about soccer but more of fun, communication, competition, team friendship and irreplaceable coaches. I am grateful to them for finding such a delicate approach in the handling of each child. The boys always run to practices with so much joy.

20 November 2017
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02 November 2017
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